jewels of steel and light: precious gemstone art for your home 

Zee "paints" spectacular gemstone art using precious stones and rare fossils set in mosaics, steel, copper, and natural gems and minerals. These absolutely unique art pieces are like jewels for your home. Zee uses the inspirations of natural history to create art that glows with the colors and transparencies of precious and semi-precious gemstones. These are large, impressive pieces for spaces that require art that is completely out-of-the-ordinary and unique. ​Whether you need custom countertops aswirl with ancient sea creatures, or stained "glass" windows made from gem-quality crystals, there is only one artist on earth with both the vision and the means to create such works.




Wild Heart
Blue-Green Seas
Blue Beetle
Blue Horses
Ocean Currents
Flaming Heart
Gila Monster
Gila Monster II
Vase of Flowers
Deep Sea
Firey Seas
Blue Heart
Blue Heart (close up)
Tourmaline Flame
Amethyst Triptych
Iris Dreams
The Tree of Life
Iris Dreams (close-up)
Iris Dreams II (close up)
Iris Dreams II